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Invitation for the guests to join-in during their stay

Hacienda La Isla is a unique departure from the common tourism experience in Costa Rica.
Our hotel functions as an learning centre for sustainability. The impact on the environment is kept to a minimum through environmental friendly applications within our premises. Moreover, sustainable tourism assures that the local economy is being stimulated without doing harm to the environment or depleting resources.
We invite you, dear guest, to participate voluntary in these on-going mission.

1. The AQUARIUS Project

Water is a very important resource and is becoming every day more scarce. Future generations can face a shortage of drinking water if our actual water resources continue to be polluted and wasted
Sustainability starts with everyday behavior, like the way we use water.
Hacienda La Isla adheres to a rigorous environmental program. Only bio-degradable cleaning and washing products are used.

We kindly invite you not the spoil unnecessary water in your bath room. Please check if the water taps are not dripping and are correctly closed.

2. The MAS x MENOS LUZ (More for Less Energy) Project

Solar energy is used to heat water.
Water is pumped over the sun-heated bottom of a black flatbed collector. Three panels measuring 2.5 m x 1.5 m collect the heat. Each panel produces 2,160 Kwh / year. The Hacienda saves about 12,960 Kwh / year.

At night, the terraces and rooms are lit primarily by energy-saving bulbs.
Of the 150 light bulbs in use, 120 (80 %) are energy-saving. By this practice the project saves 7,200 Kwh / year.

We kindly invite you to help us to save energy by turning off all the lights of your room when you leave.

Through an appropriate design, energy-consuming air-conditioning is unnecessary.

Environmental awareness in action!

3. The FUERZA VERDE (Green Power) Project

The hotel wants to diminish the quantity of solid waste it produces though a waste selection program.
The selection is implemented on 4 levels: glass, paper, plastics and organic waste.
Doing so, we can diminish 65 % of our solid waste!

There is a collection station at the entrance of the horse stables.
The collection station is emptied very day and all materials are centralized in the maintenance department.
Once per month, the selected garbage is transported to a specialized recycling company.

The garbage bin is checked every day by the room maid and major glass, paper or plastic artifacts are separated to be disposed in our collection station.

Environmental awareness in action!

4. Hacienda La Isla is community-driven

Economy and jobs
Our staff has been recruited from the local community.
That way the local economy is being served. Also, jobs created by sustainable tourism provide a local alternative to monocultural farming and logging.

Sustainable tourism is tourism that benefits the local economy and has a positive impact on the environment.
For instance, 75 % of supplies acquired by Hacienda La Isla, are bought locally.
This represents a total of 15.000 $ annually.

Hacienda La Isla supports the local school of La Isla Village in whatever sustainable initiative they undertake.
The goal is that the kids increase their understanding of the value of the rainforest and to foster an appreciation of the intricate balance between daily life, their cultural heritage and nature.

Through sustainable tourism, Hacienda La Isla promotes the recreational value of the tropical forest as an alternative to timber harvesting or clearing for pasture land or monoculture. Moreover the Hacienda highlights the intrinsic values of Costa Rica’s colonial history and the indigenous cultures and hence its conservation importance.

Thank you for sharing your spirit and vision with us.
With joint forces we can built a better world

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